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In 1930 Albert J. Marrone Sr. started a small company in Pittsburg, Kansas. In 1970 his three sons Albert, Ron and Dale became involved in the company’s management and expanded the company. Today Marrone's Inc. is a family owned and operated company with four generations of experience. We carry on Albert Sr. philosophy; “Provide products and services of superior quality and value to our customers.”

Communicating with our customers directly, in person, through the phone or the Internet allows us to do business with our customers one at a time. This develops close, mutual productive relationships with our customers and suppliers in order to deliver the products and concepts that build winning relationships.

In addition to the products and services that we have provided in the past one thing has remained the same is the integrity and expertise of our company. Delivering value by experience and old fashion hard work provides a wealth of expertise.

Marrone's Inc. is a good corporate citizen with a commitment to being direct, operating responsibly and remaining true to our values. We appreciate you interest in our company and look forward to being your Full-line Food service Distributor.